Will Your Gates Withstand a Storm?

As we make our way through monsoon season in the valley, it is important to repair fences and gates from the impacts of harsh summer heat and weather.

Cycles of wet weather can cause wood to move, twist and warp. That can make garden gates fall out of alignment and can cause fence pickets to loosen or fall off. Check for signs of loose fencing and fix sagging gates.
You can use a cordless, battery-powered nail gun to make quick repairs and to refasten pickets and fence supports. Make sure to only use galvanized nails for outdoor work and to use a power drill fitted with a screw tip or a hex driver to remove or tighten loose screws and bolts in gates.

Looking to simplify this process even further? Have an AllHaus pro service your fences and gates. Contact the AllHaus team to schedule your maintenance!

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