For many AllHaus clients, cooling down in the pool is at the top of their summer to-do list. Therefore, keeping pools in tip-top shape is important to ensure safety and cleanliness. Hire an AllHaus pro to complete the below essential pool maintenance tasks.

Clean the Pool Filter: Cleaning your pool’s filter is one-third of the equation (which includes circulation, filtration and chemistry) to a perfect pool. There are indicators to look out for that will tell you it’s time to clean your filter. Some warning signs include abnormal pool odor, clogged drain and inefficient hose cleaner.

• Keep an Eye on Water Chemistry: Homeowners should make it a priority to maintain proper water chemistry. Improper water chemistry – or corrosive water – can cause damage to pool surfaces, equipment, decks and bathers.

Vacuum for Dirt & Debris: Simply taking the time to clean your pool will go a long way. From a sanitary perspective, keeping the surface of your pool dirt-free prevents potential infections.

• Maintain Water Levels: Many overlook the importance of maintaining the water levels in their pool. If your water isn’t maintained at the appropriate level, it could cause your water skimmers and filters to have a harder time keeping your pool clean.

Looking to simplify maintenance for your home? One call does it all! 

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