Protect Your Plants from Jack Frost!

As the holiday season arrives, so does the winter frost. It’s important to know how to protect plants from the cold climate, as tender and young plants in particular can be wiped out by a sudden visit from Jack Frost.

Not all plants in your backyard will need protection from the frost, but there are certain categories that will. These include:

  • Young seedlings and new growth 
  • Tender perennials
  • Half-hardy varieties
  • Tropical and subtropical plants such as palms and banana plants

Many people protect their plants by going the DIY route with blankets or sheets. Although it may not be as aesthetically pleasing, this is a possible answer for large plants and bushes. However, we recommend plastic sheets as a convenient way to protect your landscaping this season. 

You can buy plant protectors in various sizes. Some are even designed to fit snugly over potted plants! These solutions work well because they’re made from rigid plastic and won’t collapse on your plants.

When temperatures dip between 24°F and 32°F, damage to the foliage and sometimes even to the roots can occur. Signs of frost damage include blackened, distorted or limp growth and the leaves turning green on evergreen plants and shrubs.

Looking to protect your plants and to simplify the process even further? Have an AllHaus professional service your property. Contact the AllHaus team today to schedule your winter maintenance!

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